How do I upload my contacts?

You can upload or import your own lists of properties or people in your sphere of influence (SOI) for matching in Remine. You can track your matched properties or people to make use of Remine's powerful predictive analytics, like Buy Score and Sell Score. This article walks through the various options for uploading or importing contacts.

If you upload properties or people that you're already tracking, the uploader will ignore them so as not to create duplicates.

Uploaded and matched people that you choose to track do not count toward your track limit, however, any matched properties that you choose to track do count toward your track limit.

If you experience a particularly low match rate (e.g., you uploaded 1000 contacts and received only 10 matches), see the CSV Upload Troubleshooting article for common CSV issues, and tips on how to get the best match rate.

Get Started

On the Track page, in the upper right corner, click the Upload Contacts button. A page appears where you can select the type of contacts you want to upload.

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  • If you select Upload Properties, you can upload a comma-separated value (CSV) file of property addresses.
  • If you select Upload People, you can:
    • Upload a CSV of people in your sphere of influence.
    • Connect a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. At this time, you can import Contactually contacts for matching and tracking in Remine.

Upload Property CSV

Upload People CSV

Import CRM